Who can connect?

Anyone with an AS number, IP space (v4 and/or v6), and a PeeringDB record is welcome to connect.

Where do I connect?

MKEIX currently has two points of interconnection, both in the Wells Building (324 E Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI 53202)
You may connect in suites 433 (Netwurx), or suite 825 (TSR Solutions)
For circuit ordering purposes, NPA-NXX is 414-326

What are the available connection types?

You can connect via single or multimode fiber, or via copper. 10/100/1000 SFP ports are available at no charge. We'd ask that you bring your own SFP, but can supply if needed.


There is no charge for 10/100/1000Mbps ports. The donor model and group of volunteers make this happen.
10Gbps ports are avilable in suite 433 for a one-time $500 cost to cover optics on the IX side.
Building management and/or colo providers may also charge cross connect fees to connect. This needs to be negotiated directly.

How should I configure my router and/or switchport?

The folks at AMSIX have written a GREAT config guide for connecting to an exchange (located here: http://www.ams-ix.net/config-guide/). We will actively police members who do not have their devices configured right.

OK, I'm ready to connect, what's next?

To get a port assignment + exchange IP address(es), please email noc@hoyosconsulting.com, and let us know the information requested below. Also, please make sure your PeeringDB entry is up to date (http://www.peeringdb.com).
Organization Name:
Organization URL:
Reverse DNS FQDN: (ex: as65535.mkeix.net)
Tech Name:
Tech Email:
Tech Phone:
NOC Phone:
NOC Email:
Peering Email:
IPv6: (yes or no)
Multicast: (yes or no)